By Hadassah Agbaps - January 12, 2018

Hi guys, what's been on?

Before I start rambling on......HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!
This is my first official post of 2018!!!๐Ÿ˜
God is so great and I'm really grateful for the opportunity of a fresh start!!!!

Speaking of fresh starts, I did my first official length check of the year!!!!

I usually straighten my natural hair once a year especially around Christmas but I was determined to have an absolutely lazy Christmas last year which meant:
  •  I tried to unplug from the internet I was active on whatsapp and Instagram though
  •  I didn't take any hair appointments or orders. 
  • I ditched the straighteners and stuck to my curly hair for Christmas. This is a big deal for my hair as Christmas season falls during harmattan! I explained everything in this post.
I needed to completely unwind from what had been a stressful but goal achieving year!

On the first day of 2018, however , I woke up, washed and deep conditioned my hair (fresh starts...hehehe) and proceeded to straighten it!
 My sister woke up, looked at me, rolled her eyes and promptly went back to She's used to my impulsive hair styling routines.

I used the same procedures I usually use for my silkpress with some modifications.

Instead of the Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System, I used SheaMoisture KeraVega Monoi Oil Complex Smooth Finish Blow Dry Cream.
I purchased this product from OlaAvital Store in Awka.

I shampooed my hair using Carol's Daughter Almond Milk Shampoo and deep conditioned for 30 mins using Carol's Daughter Almond Milk Ultra Nourishing Hair Mask.
I rinsed off the mask, blotted my hair with a microfibre towel and then applied the SheaMoisture Smooth Finish BlowDry Cream.

Instead of my usual silkpress method where I blowdry my hair before pressing it, I made 6 braids with the blow dry creme in it and allowed my hair to airdry completely. 
Since the weather was very dry and my hair is fine with high porosity, my hair was completely dry by the next morning.
I was actually planning to do a braid out for the first day of the year but changed my mind and flat ironed my hair at 190° using my trusty Toni & Guy Ionic flatiron.

The results were not as straight as my regular silkpress but I was fine with how my hair looked.

As you can see, it's gotten much fuller and the hair on the top  and sides are keeping up.

The good thing about this modification was I used way less heat than I usually use when I'm silkpressing my hair.

Thankfully, the blowout creme was full of peptides (protein treatment) and had heat protectant.
My ends were in good shape (smooth and without splits) and I didn't need to trim as much as I had to in Dec 2016 all thanks to consistent application of NappyGirl Growth Enhancing Oil and protective styling.

Maintenance is the same as I described in this post  . With it, my hair can stay straight for 4-6 weeks.


I'm giving away ONE bottle of  NappyGirl Growth Enhancing Oil worth N4200 to a lucky reader of this blog.

 All you have to do is write in the comment section 'what your hair goals for 2018 are' and include your email addy to contact you with!!!!
Winners would be chosen randomly. 
Giveaway ends 31st January 2018
Open to Nigerian residents only

If you're on Instagram, you can also participate in the giveaway going on there by following me on @nappilynigeriangirl.

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  1. I've been natural since 2004. I was always in love with my texture. However, I hit a plateau and could not for the love of me figure out why...until late 2015...depressed and unable to sleep because of my hair, I stumbled across your blog. Fast forward to today, I've learned how to shampoo and condition properly, that there's no hard or fast rule about it and I can finally roll with the punches. I've learned to finger detangle and I'm completely OK with it (never thought I'd get the hang of it). As I apply the correct techniques, I've seen my hair bloom,blossom and boing. For 2018, I would like to;
    * Drastically reduce fairy knots. (fair game) .
    * Reduce breakage even further (on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the big no no, current breakage is about 4%.
    * Also, minimise split ends. Although this is not a major problem, it still annoys (and slightly scares) me when I see it.
    * Find the magic potion that combats graying. Until then, I'll just be content with tweezing them out every month.

    Finally, I want to see some LENGTH. However, I'm not losing sleep over it. I've come to realise that the real excitement is in the process...the journey and that is what makes the outcome worth it.

    Much love y'all.

    1. email address is

  2. Happy new year to you too and as usual, your hair looks lovely.
    MY HAIR GOALS FOR 2018: I started 2018 with new hair too, a shaved head actually. I had been having hair fall, my fine hair had thinned out. So 31st Dec 17, i took my SO's clipper and shaved it all off. It was collar bone length. I'm focusing on my overall body and scalp health and hoping to retain all 6 inches of new growth and some, this year. F

  3. Your hair looks amazing and I am green with envy! ๐Ÿ˜ญ That is what I want my hair to be when it grows up. The harmattan is not being kind to my tresses.

    #HairGoals2018 are simple: combat dryness that plagued me for most of last year, get rid of split ends, and regain lustrous hair. I am something of a lazy natural, and the fact that my hair doesn't fuss added to it but I think I stretched it too thin last year, and not it's so brittle and dry. I am determined to do better this year with more deep-conditioning and more protective styling. Maybe a trim if need be, because I'm more about healthy hair than the length anyway.

  4. Happy new year to you too. So this year I have just one hair goal, to reach bra length. I know everyone says that you should not be so fixated on length and that healthy hair will grow. I know this is true and that is why I have started paying for attention to my hair. I've even started doing your Indian oiling method and doing scalp massages. By December 2018 I want to have reached my goal of bra length hair.

  5. Your hair looks absolutely fabulous!!! Keep it up

    My hair goals for 2018 are : to minimize breakage, maintain the health of my hair and to grow out my edges


  6. kudos to you for growing your natural hair to this length...not easy.
    my hair goal for 2018: achieve a healthy mid back length

  7. Hiii , happy new year to you too ! My hair goal this year...I just want my hair to grow I cut my hair 2 years ago and it was just flourishing now it’s just stagnant, got to a point and stopped growing and because of me and my hasie growth some of my friends decided to go natural too and now I see them with their hair growing and mine not growing and it’s depressing so my hair goal for this year is to have longer hair
    My email address is ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I have been natural for nine months. I took the bold decision last year because of an identity crisis. I went to the barbers' got rid of everything and started afresh. I am all the better for it. It really helped me to reaccess beauty standards and relearn who I am as a person(Lol, I know "all that from hair") My hair goals this year are: shoulder length( by some marvellous miracle) and healthier edges.
    My email address is

  9. My hair goal is to avhieve a healthy hair๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’†

  10. My hair goal is to avhieve a healthy hair๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’†

  11. I really love your hair,i read your blog a lot before I finally big chopped. My hair goals for 2018 combat dryness and breakage see more LENGTH (my hair has never grown past shoulder length๐Ÿ˜ฅ) grow out my thinning edges and stick to my regular regime reach armpit length by june
    My email

  12. I love your hair, I read your blog a lot before o big chopped. My 2018 hair goals combat dryness and minimize breakage see LENGTH(my hair has never grown past shoulder length๐Ÿ˜ฅ) grow out my thinning edges stick to my regular regime and achieve armpit length by May
    My email

  13. Your hair is amazing by the way and your blog has been really helpful.

    My hair goal for 2018 is for my hair to reach bra length and to have a softer hair.

  14. Your hair is beautiful and your blog has been really helpful.
    My 2018 hair goals are for my hair to reach bra length, for my hair to become very soft and for my hair to stop breaking.. And before I forget for my edges to be soft coz I have the 4ciest edges ever. Lol


  15. I must say your hair looks gorgeous and am amazed at your growth.
    My 2018 hair goals are;
    1. Work on moisture retention for my low porosity type 4b/4c hair.
    2. Grow my hair to bra length for my 3rd year anniversary this year, its currently shoulder length.
    3. Wear my hair out more and learn to do more fun styles, i always protective style.

  16. I really love my hair, but i had given up till i saw your hair. It gave me the motivation to continue this year, and i hope i make progress. Ave been naturally since 2014, but my hair doest seem to grow or even get fuller. I still have my soft, short and scanty hair and I don't know what to do. Pls help me.
    My hair Goals for 2018 are:
    Longer, fuller and healthier hair(My hair has never grown up to my chin)��
    Hair that makes people envious and not feel sorry for me.
    My email;

  17. Congratulations on maintaining such great hair! It looks amazing. Im transitioning back to natural with a full head of shoulder or collarbone length hair, my goal for 2018. I know the competition isnt open to me but it's nice to share my goals again


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