By Hadassah Agbaps - January 22, 2015

Hi people, what's been on?

I'm kinda working on a series of caring for natural hair to help us attain our goals for healthy natural hair with added bonus of length, shine and thickness. I started from the top with developing regimens for busy naturals with teeny weeny fros, in between length/medium length hair and for longer hair (shoulder length to tail bone length). The regimen was designed to help naturalistas to kinda do the least and get the most out of your hair.
In summary, the regimen covered shampooing, conditioning, daily moisturising and styling over the course of a month. It did not include the one thousand and one treatments for natural haircare.

If you're a naturalista with lots of time on her side, you can include pre shampoo and post shampoo treatments.

 With the right handling and care of your natural hair, you may not have the problems of excessive breakage, shedding, dandruff and whatever other problems associated with hair.
However, due to changes in weather, water hardness, products and generally because our systems enjoy surprising us once in a while, it's useful to have one or two treatments to kind of reset your hair to default.

If you're following the regimen, I usually advice that different treatments be included at least once a month in your routine.
 The question is what treatments do I do for what problems? Here's a summary.
What can I do if my hair feels dry no matter how consistent I am with moisturising? What do I do if I experience unnecessary shedding and breakage despite my healthy diet and care I take during detangling and styling?

Here are some suggested natural hair troubleshooting links.

1. Shedding and breakage.

- Before you think your hair has a problem with breakage and shedding, here is why seeing short hair doesn't always mean breakage and here's the reason why shedding is normal

- Here's the reason why your hair is breaking and how you can stop it

- If your hair is fine and breaks easily, here are treatments you can do once a month to keep make it stonger.

- If your hair is longer and you are trying to reduce breakage and retain length, you can join me in my Indian oiling treatment ( you can also use palm kernel oil) and my henna treatment once a month

- For uncontrolled shedding, if you finger detangle exclusively, you might be shedding because of the reason I observed here. To control excess shedding, you can try the moringa tea and ginger root rinse

2. Scalp issues

- If you are battling with dandruff and itchy scalp, here's the what , why and how to stop it

3. Detangling issues

- Wrong detangling methods can lead to unnecessary pain and breakage. To make things easier, try to prevent tangles from happening in the first place and maybe try switching over to fingerdetangling. Here's how to fingerdetangle right.

4. Moisturising issues

- Don't think your current moisturiser is doing its work, here's how to make your own. A crucial step in keeping your hair moisturised is sealing. Here's what sealing is and how to seal effectively. You can try the LOC step which is explained in more details in this post

- Still having moisturising issues, it will be good add moisturising deep conditioning treatments into your washday as often as you can and follow up with daily moisturising.
Useful deep conditioning treatments include:
    Manshanu aka cow ghee deep treatment
    Palm oil deep treatment
    This effective DIY deep treatment
I've also used some deep conditioners that worked for me. Recommendations include
Cantu Deep Treatment Masque and Shea Moisture African Black Soap Purification Masque
You can also do the green house treatment midweek to prevent loss of moisture.

Please let me know if you have any more concerns that hasn't been dealt with and if you have any tips and tricks, please to feel free to share.

Till I spill again,
Hadassah A.

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  1. Hey Hadassah. I love this series you have started, its helping me out so much. I am still transitioning, but since 90% of my hair is natural, I consider myself natural. Thanks nce again, and keep going with the series

  2. Very educative, I'm glued to your blog #coversface, that's a good thing right?


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